Looking to resolve a difficult dispute?

Litigation is not always the way to go. As a trial lawyer with over 36 years of experience trying and litigating complex commercial cases, combined with extensive and varied mediation training, I bring solutions to quickly, effectively and inexpensively resolve conflict. Sometimes parties want or need input from a mediator with substantive as well as process expertise, welcoming difficult questions and opinions on their likelihood of success should they choose to try their case.
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Business, Negligence and Family Disputes Resolved Effectively 

Often  a business dispute, such as breach of warranty or commercial property foreclosure, can seem unresolvable without litigation. I can tell you from experience that there are alternatives. Similarly, domestic relations conflicts, conservatorship issues and elder care management conflicts can be resolved efficiently, less costly and effectively with mediation.
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Why Joe Basta?

Broad Trial and Litigation Experience

Beginning as federal judicial law clerk in 1974, and after that for over 34 years with a large, Detroit-based firm, I have tried and litigated hundreds of state and federal lawsuits before judges and juries in the trial and appellate courts of Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond.
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  • “When anger comes, wisdom goes.”...

    Hindi Proverb,
  • “The reverse side also has a reverse side.”...

    Japanese Proverb,
  • “The heart has arguments with which the logic of mind is not acquainted.”...

    Blaise Pascal, Mathematician
  • “Resolving conflict is rarely about who is right.  It is about acknowledgement and appreciation of differences.”...

    Thomas Crum, Author
  • “A good deal is a state of mind.”...

    Lee Iococca, American businessman